Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener

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Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener

The Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener fills your home with freshness instead of lingering pet odors. This unique spray uses powerful enzymes to attack and neutralize unpleasant smells instead of just masking them.  You can also spray it into a circulating vent for a more widespread aroma.



Happy DaysBursting with fruitiness. It's a sweet blend of lemon, mango, peach, mandarin candy, pineapple, wild melon & vanilla. It's an explosion of happiness.


Cinnamon AppleA few pumps in pet areas around your home will release a spicy cinnamon and ripened apple scent that'll make you feel like it's fall all year long. 



  • Size: 7-oz. Aerosol Spray

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